Webspy Vantage 2500 user 1-Year subscription


Webspy Vantage 2500 user 1-Year subscription

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How can Vantage help you?

Investigate web browsing activity and network issues faster

WebSpy Vantage saves network and system administrators time when reporting on web usage, investigating bandwidth issues, Internet misuse, and other network problems. Don’t trawl through log files. Generate a useful report with the key information you need to know about.

Increase Visibility of Internet Activity

WebSpy Vantage can open your eyes to network behaviour you never knew existed. Our customers are frequently surprised to see activity on sites they thought were blocked, high volumes of unauthenticated traffic, or people using the web inappropriately. Vantage helps you identify and investigate this activity to keep your network happy and healthy.

Save time and off-load reporting

Delegating the responsibility of keeping track of employee productivity down to department mangers, with set-and-forget automated reporting.

Less software, less learning, less maintenance

Don’t mess around with a variety of sub-standard web reporting tools with limited scope and purpose. WebSpy Vantage is a single application for all web reporting requirements. This means you spend less on software maintenance, hardware and administration.