Setup/move an office

Setup or move an office is a big project to a company, especially for a cross board company or group. We will help you in:

  1. Choosing proper Internet provider: Some Internet provider may has good quality of inland bandwidth but very poor quality of international bandwidth. In different cities or even buildings, the provide may have different qualities in in-land and international connections. Choosing a proper Internet provider becomes very important in setup or moving an office.
  2. Telecom, telephone and VOIP system: Different telecom companies have different price plans for domestic and international voice calls. We will help you in choosing proper telecom, applying services, establishing telephone system and VOIP system.
  3. VPN system
  4. Structure cabling: Our professional structure cabling team can help you in office cabling as well as fiber connection between telecom, IDC or remote offices.
  5. IT/IS system setup or transfering: There are many regulations in importing and exporting IT/IS equipment. We have many years experiences in importing and exporting IT/IS equipment. We can help you transfer your IT/IS hardware system as well as customs clearance.
  6. Email system: Email system is the most important communication method in modern business. We can provide solutions and even email hosting for different size of business.
  7. New domain or web sites: We can also help you in registering new domain and hosting the web sites.