Chang International AB (Sweden)

Chang International AB 任昶国际有限公司, registered on 10-Aug-2010 in Stockholm Sweden, is our fully invested subsidiary.

In the Europe, Labor and operation costs are very high. It’s very costly for small companies to employ enough resources directly , such as a full functional marketing team, or an IT team for establishing distribution system and implementing e-commerce projects. They will be very difficult to expand their products’ market into a far country like China or Japan. We can now provide a full package service, from exporting, importing, repacking, e-commerce, marketing, distribution to establishing reselling channels.

It does not only reduce the costs in new market penetration, but also reduce the business risk into minimum.

If you are a manufacturer or dealer, who has product and wish to open a new market in China, we can help you develop your brand in the enormous market. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and money in building a cross border office and handling massive regulations of China. You can then focus in your producing and product development.

Our services include but not limited to:

  • Design and produce packages for your products.
  • Repacking your products in China
  • Design and launch web stores in major online markets in China, which support all payment methods in China
  • Establish distribution channel including resellers and/or retail stores.
  • Provide logistics services from exporting, importing, customs clearance, certificate applying, warehouse to distribution, from your door to the resellers, stores or even the end users


Contact information


Tel.: +46 (0) 722 76 85 63


Our Success Story


Ronneby Bruk is a cast iron cookware manufacturer in the south of Sweden, bearing a several hundred years old tradition of foundries in Ronneby area. With the efforts and cooperations from our subsidiaris Chang Interational AB (in Sweden), Shanghai Ren-Chang Trading and Shanghai Ren-Da exhibition service, we successfully established a competitive position for the brand in the Chinese market, and make it into one of the most welcomed cookware brand.

What we do is not only limited in exporting, importing and custom clearance for the products, but also

  • Design and produce cartons, EPE foam packages.

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  • Drag out sales points for Chinese market

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  • Implement web shops and promotions

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Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 17.53.30

  • Establish distribution channel including web resellers and retail stores

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If you are in Europe and wish to expand your product sales into the enormous market of China, please contact our Stockholm office:

Chang International AB, +46 (0) 722 76 85 63

If you are in Asia, such as China or Japan, and wish to expand your market into Europe, please contact our Shanghai office:

Shanghai Ren-Chang Trading Co. Ltd., +86 (21) 52560634

(Our new subsidiary and office in Japan is in establishing. We will soon be able to help you expand the market into Japan as well.)